Symposium N°2. Borders Studies and the Limit of Things

Beaux-arts de Nantes and Geneva University of Art & Design present
Borders Studies and The Limits of Things
Fieldwork: Marfa Annual Meeting#2
October Friday 4th 2013 at Highland Annex, 109 S Highland Marfa

Elisa Larvego, Marfa, 2012

Program of the meeting

09:30 am - Opening
Yann Chateigné, Emmanuelle Chérel, Ida Soulard

10:00-12:30 am
Cinema and Social Imaginary in the Mexico-U.S. Border by Norma Iglesias-Prieto, Professor Chicana/o Studies, San Diego University (US)

Various Arrests in and around the Big Bend Region, by Camel Collective/Carla Herrera-Prats, artist (US/MX)

Salt Cedar, by Elisa Larvego, artist (CH) ->>> Exhibition walk-through at Fieldwork: Marfa Gallery

02:00 pm
Questioning Border Art: relational esthetics in conflictive place, by Anne-Laure Amilhat Szary, Geographer, Université de Grenoble (FR)
Dust Breeder, by Yann Chateigné, Head of the Visual Arts dpt, Head Genève (CH)

Cemetery of the Unwanted, by Emilie Ding, artist (CH)

06:00 pm Opening Fieldwork: Marfa Gallery
Salt Cedar, Elisa Larvego 

information on the exhibition (pdf)
program of the meeting (pdf)

Elisa Larvego, Abandoned shirt on the way to the mexican border, Candelaria, Texas, 2012, 60 x 70 cm