An international artistic research program, in Marfa Texas, USA, held by les beaux-arts de Nantes and Head–Genève

After its first year of experience, the research program Fieldwork: Marfa leaded by two major European art schools, les beaux-arts de Nantes, France and The Head Geneva enters a new process of active development for 2013. Nantes School of Art with its partners Palais de Tokyo, Paris and the Grand Café, Contemporary Art Centre of St. Nazaire is orienting its research fields to border issues, with the research platform Border Art Research.
New collaborations and partnerships will be developed with US and European universities and art schools to explore the crucial issue of borders in our contemporary societies.

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Fieldwork: Marfa Press

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Crash 29, The Annex, Dorothée Dupuis, été 2016

Yournal#1, Arnaud Bénureau, 6 avril 2016

Ouest France, Julie Durand, 5 janvier 2016

Presse Océan, Sophie Trébern, 4 janvier 2016

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Les Inrockuptibles, Claire Moulène, 9 avril 2012 (French)

Le Quotidien de l'art, Emmanuelle Lequeux, 16 mars 2012 (French)

Big Bend Sentinel, Wilfrid Almendra, Coffield Park to get sculpture playground, basketball court, April 5th, 2012. By ALBERTO TOMAS HALPERN

Big Bend Sentinel, Fieldwork Marfa launches international research in residence program, October 6th, 2011. By STERRY BUTCHER



Talk at ten, Carla Herrera-Prats from Camel Collective, January 3rd 2014

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