A project by Ida Soulard & Fabien Giraud, Fieldwork: Marfa, 2013

The Marfa Stratum is an ongoing project made of two distinct elements: 

1) a series of sculptures speculating on the geological becoming of human formations in the region of Marfa (Texas) in the form of synthetically aggregated core samples,

2) a book unfolding the complex dynamics which have come to constitute this particular “human event stratum”.

Entrada was the term coined by spanish conquistadors of the 16th century and described by Charles Nicholl as a journey where “you left the margins, the settled, the known and made your entrance into that unmapped interior where just about anything was possible”.
In Marfa, Texas,  the axiomatic monsters of the cartographies of Conquistadors are here replaced by neoliberal chimeras wandering in the immaculate oil  innervated white cubes of art institutions. From the deflagration of cocaine infused dopamine in the brain of international curators to the cognitive erosion of the ecological crisis, Fabien Giraud & Ida Soulard's book The Marfa Stratum will be both a grotesquely realist epic of neoliberal art and a practical manual to build escape vessels out of its stasis.

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Fabien Giraud, The Marfa Stratum, 2013

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