Reflecting their common interest in concepts such as non-site, spirituality, dreams and mystic phenomenons, Pauline and Elise aim at drawing a cartography of Marfa's subconscious. Their idea is to conduct a field research both into Marfa's inhabitants' minds and Marfa's landscape. They will approach the town's onirism in a scientific and systematic way. This project follows up Elise's long term interest in animism and subconscious and Pauline's recent Master Thesis project, for which she explored the representation of dreams in visual arts.

From the series After Artémidore, 2013, paper, ink, tinted concrete, 56 x 45 cm. Dreams recited to a public typist in Chandigarh-India. And on the right Haiku #2, 2013, concrete ring, stone, nut, 75 cm. Sculpture composed in three phrases of a river stone and a Buddha coconut gleaned in Chandigarh-India seated on a pre-fabricated concrete ring. View of the exhibition ‘C’est moi qui choisis’ curate