Homeland Security (it's hard to find a good lamp)

Charles Stankievech

A project by Charles Stankievech, Fieldwork: Marfa, 2012

HOMELAND SECURITY (It’s hard to find a good lamp)

Marfa Book Company
Sept 22 – Oct 9, 2012
Marfa, Texas

The electromagnetic installation HOMELAND SECURITY (It’s hard to find a good lamp) is the latest fieldwork and publication by artist Charles Stankievech.  The project emerges from his time spent as a researcher-in-residence at the Fieldwork: Marfa residency in the southwest border town of Marfa, Texas—a site famous for two reasons.  On the one hand, Marfa was the home of Minimal artist Donald Judd and his long-term project the Chinati Foundation which houses his 100 aluminum boxes and Dan Flavin’s epic six building light situation.  
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HOMELAND SECURITY, Site for concerts for both the Trans-Pecos Festival and the Chinati Open House Weekend, Marfa Texas (photo: C. Stankievech)

HOMELAND SECURITY consists of 36 electrifying fluorescent bug zappers suspended in a grid above a public space. During the dark hours of the night the lethal devices fill the site with their blue glow and crackling sounds hinting at the paradoxes of security and beauty. A prototype version also exists for the white cube of the gallery. Originally installed in Marfa, Texas: border town and home to the Chinati & Donald Judd Foundation.

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Charles Stankievech (b.1978, Canada) is an artist who creates “fieldworks.” His diverse body of work has been shown at such places as the Louisiana Museum of Moden Art (Copenhagen), dOCUMENTA13 (Kassel), Xth Biennale of Architecture (Venice), Palais de Toyko (Paris), MASSMoCA, ISSUE Project Room (New York), the Musee d’art contemporain Montreal and the Canadian Centre for Architecture. He has curated such unorthodox exhibitions as CounterIntelligence (2014), Magnetic Norths (2010), A Wake For St. Kippenbergzer’s MetroNet (2009), and the series OVER THE WIRE (2008-2012) with Lawrence Weiner, Gary Hill, Tim Hecker, Centre for Land Use Interpretation, Shary Boyle and others. His writings range from academic journals, such as Leonardo Music Journal (MIT Press) and 306090 (Princeton Architectural Press) to experimental texts for art publications. He currently is artist-in-residence with the Canadian Department of National Defense (second sortie). A founding faculty member of the Yukon School of Visual Arts in Dawson City, Stankievech splits his spacetime between the Yukon and Berlin.

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