Covenant Transport (working title)

Amanda Beech

A project by Amanda Beech, Fieldwork: Marfa 2014

A new video installation that explores the concepts of de-stabilized locations, the dispossession of freedom and consensus for the future.

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Wipe Out Evil, 2014, Media: paper with burns and cut outs, Size 210 x 297 mm


Amanda Beech is an artist and writer living in Los Angeles. She exhibits her artwork at major international venues, has been awarded public commissions, and regularly publishes writing on contemporary art. Recent solo shows include: Final Machine, 2013, Lanchester Gallery Projects, UK, and HaGamle Prestagard, Norway, with publication (Urbanomic) also showing in the Agitationism, Eva International, Irish Biennial and to be shown in L’Avenir, Montreal Biennale, 2014 where Beech will also contribute a new catalogue essay for each of these exhibitions; Sanity Assassin 2010 with publication, (Urbanomic) Spike Island, Bristol and Tate Britain, 2010; and Statecraft an Arts Council commission exploring Fredrick Gibberd’s architectural master-plan for Harlow New Town, exhibited Harlow, UK. New drawings and prints feature as a solo exhibit at Xero Kline, Coma, London, 2014 (May-July 2014). Recent conference include: The Psychopathologies Of Cognitive Capitalism, Goldsmiths, London, Post Planetary Capitalism, New School, NY (both 2014) and The Flood of Rights, Arles, France 2013; keynotes include Exhibiting Video, London, 2012, and Generative Constraints, London 2013. Recent writing includes ‘Concept Without Difference’, in Art of the Concept, Frajika, 2013, and 'Exploding Horror' in Abyssus Intellectualis: Spekulative Horror, eds. Armen Avanassian and Bjorn Quiring, Merve Verlag, Berlin, 2013. New essays are forthcoming in the anthologies Realism, Materialism, Art (Sternberg), Speculative Aesthetics (Urbanomic, 2014), Collapse ‘Chance’ (Urbanomic).

Beech is co-director of the Political Currency of Art Research Group. and is Dean of Critical Studies at CalArts, CA.